No More Victims 2



Our Very First Annual Zombie Bash!!



Due to the great amount of interest in this event we are most likely going to have to choose who we are able to give space to. For more information and vendor application



Ross and I, on Behalf of No More Victims, Are Extremely Excited to Welcome Back to Springfield Our Very Special Guest Performer;

Mr. Bill Forness

and One More Round!!






Sunday October 26th, 2014

NMV2 Rock-A-Billy Zombie Bash!

Get ready for our biggest fundraising event yet!! Our first annual Zombie Bash, No More Victims style!! This year’s theme is Rock-A-Billy and as always will be a full day of fun and games for all! Featuring Kids Skaraoke, Costume Contests, Celebrity (?) Fear Factor, A Family Sock Hop, A Children’s Zombie self defense class, Family Games and Contests, Raw Egg Roulette Championship Tournament, Prizes, Raffles, Auctions, and SO MUCH MORE! Top it off with local crafters, vendors, live music and the amazing vocal illusion that may very well be the ghost of Johnny Cash and we have an event that will go down in Zombie history!!




Kids Karaoke!


Kids Karaoke was such a HUGE hit with the little ones at last year’s Black Friday Benefit that we just had to bring it back! CLICK HERE to see some of last years little karaoke stars!


Monster Family

Sock Hop


Kick off your shoes, grab the family, and get ready to rock it out old school style with an old fashioned Sock-Hop! And what would a Sock-Hop be with out a Twistin Contest? A Monster Twist that is!


Live Entertainment


Time to really get this party started with live music and entertainment! Featuring first some great local artists and then we have saved the best for last. A live Johnny Cash Tribute Show by Bill Forness and One More Round! Hands down the best Cash impersonator I’ve ever heard!!




Games, Raffles and Prizes OH MY!

We have lots of ideas for game booths, competitions and contests and we have tons of great items to offer as prizes for games and for raffles and auctions too!!




So we really haven’t made a final decision on this one yet. I would really like to do a “local celebrity” fear factor, maybe talk some local news or radio personalities into a little fun for a good cause; Ray Lytle? Gus Gordon? Leslie “Fox”? Amie Meneghetti? … Yes I went there! Or if there is enough interest, to help raise money we could charge a small entry fee and do a family fear factor, your choice!





How about some keeping it real while keeping it cool for the kids! Nothing like disguising education as fun! A little self defense, stranger danger awareness, “the underwear rule”, asking for help, 911 education and some safe trick or treating tips that every child needs to know!



Raw Egg Roulette

It’s crazy, it’s messy and if you’re worried about it being wasteful I’ll have some volunteers make the world’s biggest bowl of egg salad when we are done! Best of all we can go hardcore Kids vs. Adults in an elimination by egging, championship tournament! First side to have all it’s contestants egged are declared losers and the winners will be crowned this years champions and will have to defend that title next year!



Dancing Flash Mobs?

Some pre-party zombie fun? Some random ideas…

get together to choreograph some random “flash mob” type dances for the party?

Some group ghost hunts?

Zombie movie night?

Costume parade for the kids?

Could be fun…

Stay tuned!




Booth size and prices will be determined by number of vendors and size of chosen venue. This will most likely be an indoor event, however if mother nature is kind we might be able to do an out door event, BUT, either way, we are NOT at this point able to provide tables or chairs, I will let you know about electricity as we choose our venue. Set up Time for the 12-4 vendors will begin at 11am and set up for the 5-9 vendors will begin at 4. Spaces will be assigned. I have absolutely no problem with early tear downs.